Tuesday, November 03, 2009

Stewart and Colbert: Getting Youth Involved

Ever since I've had access to comedy central, I've been a fan of their mockery of political pundits and the shows these figures pretend to host without bias. I'm talking of course about The Daily Show with John Stewart, and it's spinoff, the Colbert Report. These talented comedians have done more to inspire an interest in politics among youth than any one else in my mind. It doesn't matter that it's not "real" or more aptly put "traditional" news. The fact that it presents some of the important issues, even though it's in a comedic light, is enough to give the show validity. I once heard someone say, "it's sad that some people get all their news from [these shows]." I highly doubt this is the case with anyone, as people who watch these shows are not dumb people relying on it for news. In my experience, they are most often people who have been inspired to care about something they normally wouldn't due to clever repackaging. In this sense, I can't help but think that these shows do an enormous service to America by teaching young people to care about politics without them even knowing it. It's also often entertaining as hell too.

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