Thursday, November 19, 2009

New Moon

In Los Angeles this past week, the movie New Moon premiered. People were camping outside for days just to get a glimpse of their favorite Twilight and New Moon stars. My roommate who I lived with in LA this summer called me to inform me people were lining the streets and were all the way up to our apartment and around the block which is just 2 blocks from the theater where the premier was and I couldn't believe it, I didn't even know what it was for, and neither did she and she lives right there! When she found out it was for New Moon, I was not surprised and neither was she, because Twilight was and is such a hot commodity these days. I have never seen Twilight nor do I really plan to, but I am curious as to what all the hype is about. Is it just simply that Robert Pattinson is very good looking or is the movie actually good?

Tonight at midnight is when the movie actually comes out and I have never seen such craze over it. Theaters are also showing Twilight before the midnight showing of New Moon and many people are attending one after the other to get the full effect. I have seen a billion Facebook statuses that legitimately say "I can't focus too excited" "New Moon New Moon." I mean to me it's just crazy. As I watched the trailer I really had no clue what was going on, and have no interest in it, but it seems like it's going to be a big hit for the box offices this weekend. Here is the trailer if you have not yet seen it !

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