Thursday, November 12, 2009

Justin Bieber…really?

I’m only 21, and already I’ve had a few of those “OMG AM I REALLY THIS OLD?!?!” moments. I had another one of them tonight. While my friend and I were working (I’m a red bull girl, so we were driving in the mini) we drove passed The Rave and saw a HUUUUUGE line – all the way to McDonalds; completely around the block – so we pulled over. In line were hundreds of teeny bopper girls (and some moms and dads too) waiting in line to see Justin Bieber. I had absolutely no clue who this guy (kid) was, so when we left The Rave we turned on Kiss FM, and found out that he’s actually a 15 year old! Apparently I’ve either gotten so old that I don’t even know who the new pop stars are now, or I’ve been living under a rock? I choose to think I’ve been living under a rock.

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