Friday, November 13, 2009

Not easy being 15!

Even though I'm 20 years old Taylor's Swift's 15 song just hits the right spot. It just gives me butterflies because it  reminds me so much of when I was 15 years old and all the awkward situations and feelings i had to endure back then... I don't even know why I am announcing my love for one of taylor's songs on blogger, I guess in some ways she might want to feel some normalcy by talking to her fans and telling them about her experiences and what she's been though, give them some sort of insight to her life in order to show them that she is normal and that she's approachable. I just feel that she can be a great person to look up to as a young girl; I guess she's one of the few celebrities that are actually using their fame to truly connect with her fans and give them something to look forward to instead of telling them to get drunk and loose control! 

to watch the video:

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