Tuesday, November 17, 2009

What People say.

As a story in the news breaks it seems that some people want to be on camera to tell people their thoughts. On Sunday November 15, 2009 a young boy’s body was found in a van in the Wal-Mart parking lot in Germantown. The next day the story broke and news vans were swarming around the Wal-Mart. One lady was quoted saying, "I was totally surprised that it was Germantown," said Linda Wentworth, a customer at the Walmart. "Then, when I saw it was our Walmart, I was amazed it happened here." (link) I feel that this lady had a good intent by saying she was surprised it happened by I feel her choice of words was not thoughtful. First referring to the Wal-Mart as “our Wal-Mart” was in a way calling it hers. Also, how can you be amazed it happened there? In my opinion amazed means something wonderful and beautiful not used in telling about someone’s death. When people are quoted saying things like this it makes me wonder if people who are quoted on the news are sometimes just after a chance to be on television. A video of the most up to date story as of 2:00pm November 17,2009 here.

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