Friday, November 13, 2009

Miss Teen USA contestant to commercial star

If you have not seen the video clip of Miss Teen USA: South Carolina's answer to the question: why can't most American's locate the US on a map. I did not see it live, but my boyfriend did show me the video on youtube on Tuesday after he spotted her on a commercial selling pistachios.

This commercial shows us that she is laughing with America. She pokes fun at herself by doing this commercial. Before she eats the pistachio she says that eating them will help Americans obtain maps and build a better future. These words were used during her Miss Teen USA answer that did not land! I appreciate her sense of humor and still think it's crazy that we have access to watch people's mistakes over and over again using venues like YouTube. It becomes hard to escape your mistakes, but Miss South Carolina finds a way to make it better.

Jimmy Kimbel did a skit to try to understand what she was trying to say. I didn't watch any of this until this Tuesday, so I think it is funny still.

Here is the Miss SC answering the question that made her famous!

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