Friday, November 13, 2009

Droid vs iphone

Over the years we have gone from large ridiculous looking cell phones that you could only make calls with(how lame was that) to small compact cell phones that let you pretty much do whatever you want. To me this is quite scary and to wonder what the future has in store for the cell phones almost seems unbelievable. What made me start thinking about this was the new Droid phone from Verizon and their campaign strategies targeted against the iphone. The new Droid phone has a lot of characteristics that the iphone has but in their commercial they point out the differences that make it “better.” My friend recently got the new Droid and although it might not be as sleek as an iphone the capabilities of this phone are insane. Although I do not have either of these phones I felt like I could relate to the Droid commercial since I have had the “privilege” to own an ipod (first gen.) I know the first ever ipod is a lot different than the new iphone but the people selling it are all the same. My experience with Macintosh was a bad one and with a brand snapping back in a very casual way puts a smile on my face. However, since I can’t really afford either all I can say to you guys are to research the Droid before coming committed to the iphone, it is rather fancy.

The iphone did however make a commercial reflecting their feelings on the Droid phone.

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Katie said...

I actually have Verizon, and considered the Droid, but I can't afford the e-mail that is required, which is lame. But beware, to anyone considering making this big of a purchase from Verizon, or switch to Verizon for this phone. The company is hell, I've been through over 13 phones in a year with them and get overcharged constantly!