Friday, November 13, 2009

UFC Fighter Chad Ochocinco?

I talked about NFL wide receiver Chad Ochocinco and his reality show life earlier in the semester. Evidently he wasn't getting enough attention and was bored with just playing football, so now there's talks of him fighting in a UFC (Ultimate Fighting Championship) fight. Ochocinco spent his Wednesday tweeting to current UFC president, Dana White, stating he wants to fight UFC's current middleweight champion, Anderson Silva. Here is the conversation between the two on Twitter:

Chad OchoCinco's tweets:
Dana this Ocho Cinco, I want to fight your #1 and #2 best fighters asap,exhibition to raise money for a charity of choice!!!!!!

matter of fact I want Anderson Spider Silva---please don't ignore me or you'll have to fight me yourself!!! Sincerely Esteban :)

Mr. White this a serious matter, we can help alot organazations with this fight, I have a good chance at winning against Silva

Awesome! I'm fighting Anderson Silva-I can't wait to throw my child please combo with a kiss da baby leg kick, Silva can shut the front door!

Dana White's tweets:
Perfect @OGOchoCinco. I need a Jan 2nd fight. Ocho Cinco vs Anderson Spider Silva. PS - I'm too old to fight anyone.

If you are really serious @OGOchoCinco, contact me. We'll put a fight together for charity.

@OGOchoCinco Follow me so I can send you my email

So it's not enough for Chad Ochocinco that he's having one of his best seasons in the NFL, he needs to prove himself in the ring as well. If the fight does happen, it's unlikely that Ochocinco will fight Anderson Silva because they would be in different weight classes. However, the media loves Ochocinco and really anything is possible with him.

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