Friday, November 27, 2009

chelsea lately

Even though I love watching this show because of the improvised jokes, it's just unbelievable to try and avoid the many racial and stereotypical topics she brings up on the air. There was one episode where she had Lamar Odom and Kloe Kardashian to she show, who got married after one month of dating, and she kept pointing out how people say "when you go black you never go back" and she jokingly said "when you go black you go running back!" there are many more comments like and also about gay people that just got me thinking how no one is saying anything about it? I mean do African American people and gays think its funny? I guess that all makes good TV because last season was the highest season she had ever gotten. It's just like we read in our Media Society book, the media just portrays the norm to be white middle class American and everything else is just a comparison! I think it's sad that after all these years people still view this sensitive topic like that!

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