Thursday, November 26, 2009

Christian Side Hug

A friend from my high school posted the weirdest link, article and video I have ever seeen, on Facebook. I often go through the link section on Facebook because my friends usually have interesting things they find on Youtube, and I can even see what music my friends are into currently, and perhaps find my new favorite band. This is the link that my friend posetd. It is an article discussing the 'Christian Side Hug' and a actual hip-hop video about the Christian side hug. This side hug is to prevent any frontal touching, which this article makes seem like some sort of sin. Although everybody had their own beliefs, I personally believe this is quite hilarious, weird, but believable. The rap group is what really got me. To choose to talk about a Christian side hug through gangster hip-hop style music is like Disney producing the movie SAW. It makes NO SENSE. However, I bet that the creators and the group thought with the power and popularity of hip hop today, this would be a great way to spread the message about a side hug. I cannot imagine kids who like hip hop digging this. Isn't hip hop about the lyrics, raps and stories being told? I don't think the music genre is as much about the beats as it is about the lyrics. In my Race and Ethnicity JMC course we are currently studying the hip hop images. Many articles discuss how hip hop carries a tough urban image because that is the persona that the genre feels they need to potray to survive and not show weakness. Ultimatley this tells me hip hop is about not being vunerable, taking risks, and living life on the edge, tough and fearless. However, that is not what a side hug is about. Maybe kids like this sort of video. Maybe the side hug is a good thing. Maybe hugs are too sexual. Either way, I believe this shows how popular and powerful people see hip hop as, to make a rap video about a side hug.

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