Thursday, November 12, 2009

"Elvis is NOT DEAD!"...I suppose now Michael Jackson isn't either.

It seems that we may still see the King of Pop in future music videos and movies, complete with new dance routines. I'm not talking about just pictures, I'm talking about Michael Jackson '96, before the skin disorder and nose job.

An article was published today (11/12/09) on that revealed 3D scans that were taken of the late pop singer back in 1996. These 3D plans were discovered when "an American Business man tried to sell them off for 1 million euros. The man said that ever since these 3D scans were taken that, "The data has been in our archive and vault since them."

I suppose, why wouldn't you try and make a couple extra bucks from the only 3D scan of the late King of Pop. The scans were original takenfor no other reason other than so Jackson could have a virtual double of himself. Once again, if I had more money than I knew what to do with, I suppose I would purchases just as crazy.

So no, this does not mean we will have a living breathing Michael Jackson singing new songs and recording new albums. But for the hardcore Jackson fans out there, it may be there one shot to sing the King of Pop in action once again. Virtual Michael Jackson is better than no Michael Jackson.

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