Friday, November 13, 2009

The Irony of the Balloon Boy Fiasco

So Balloon Boy's father pleads guilty for making up this whole missing Balloon Boy fiasco to get some attention in the media. Though dad walks away with a felony and mom a misdemeanor, they seem to have more than accomplished their goal. They made up this story knowing they would get a minute in the spotlight, and instead they got a full MONTH. The media has had a field day covering every step of the story on Balloon Boy and his family, granting them the wish that initiated this whole scandal. I find it very ironic that though the parents were charged for actions they did to achieve this publicity, it is as a result of these actions and charges that they are receiving even more publicity than they had every imagined. Another thing I find interesting about the story is the fact that this boy’s disappearance received so much attention in the first place. I understand the circumstances were rather unique to start with, but it still received an obscene amount of media attention. All across the country the story was heard on the radio and television, posted all over the internet and in the papers, and was the topic of most conversations. So, Kudos to Balloon Boy’s parents. You have officially wasted endless amounts of media coverage that could have been used to focus on more important things happening in the world, but instead focused on you and your balloon.

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