Saturday, November 14, 2009

Noah's Christmas Wish

I will admit it, I love Facebook. I know there are many arguments against it, I know I spend more hours than I shouldn't on it, and I know it can be really creepy. However, I love it, and I love getting invited to events. Earlier this week I logged on and had an two event invites. One was for some Christian event/cause that I wouldn't attend, so I immediately disregarded it and the second was 'Noah's Christmas Wish' something that I assumed asked for money so I disregarded that one as well. However, I look at my feed and 36 of my friends are attending this event. I re-look over the event, and felt horribly guilty for even not reading the content of this event. Noah is a 5 year old boy who has had Neuroblastoma Cancer for 2 and a half years. Make a Wish seems to have gathered this event to make his one wish come true: to receive many Christmas cards. I never cry, I hate crying, I am a notorious hard ass. I was ready to ball after I read this. At five years old, his wish is Christmas cards. As if I didn't get chills when I read his cancer story, I was seriously touched by his humbleness. I know at 5 years old I would have asked my mom to buy Disney World. He asks for Christmas cards. His family is celebrating Christmas early, as they are unsure if he will be able to make it to Christmas Day. I want to cry now. His mom set up a care page for him, so read about him there. The family has received many cards, and has actually requested no more. Understandably, it is time to focus on Noah's health, after receiving an abundance of Christmas wishes. It's amazing that an event on Facebook turned out to grant a little boys wish and turn into something so powerful and touching.

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