Monday, November 30, 2009

The Mixtape Weezy

The mixtape king is back at it again. Lil’ Wayne has dominated music charts and influenced pop culture more than any artist over the past 5 years. His deep raspy and raunchy voice combined with his wit and extensive vocabulary within his lyrics has propelled him into a Grammy award winning rap star. There is no subject off topic for the peculiar rapper with songs varying from politics to sex. The New Orleans native has become a house hold name. His fans are extremely diverse from old to young from white to black. Although, his fans might differ in appearance they all have one thing in common; they adore and praise his talent. Just like his hero Jay-Z Wayne also chooses not to write any of his lyrics down on paper but instead recites all off the top of his head. Besides selling millions upon millions of records Lil’ Wayne likes to occasionally distribute free music. Yes, I said “FREE MUSIC”. He has been doing this for quite sometime now and I must say some of the music he puts out for free is better than what is on his actual album. His latest mixtape is another classic titled, No Ceilings. If you want a copy just let me know. It’s FREE anyway and if you like rap and any of the current hip-hop songs on the radio than you will like this mixtape because Wayne kills the beat.

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