Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Walmart redefines "Save Money. Live Better."

While surfing my google reader I found a lot of the typical articles that appear from week to week. Articles like "New media buying strategies for Target" or "Droid to trump iPhone" and so forth. Today, well, today was a different story. While scrolling through I saw an article that involved Walmart and caskets. Yes, caskets. Walmart launched a new line of caskets and other funeral supplies last month by Star Legacy. Interesting enough, Walmart is not the first online retailer to start selling coffins online. Amazon and Costco have already hopped the bandwagon. Jessica,  a spokeswoman for the Star Legacy Group notes, "Buying caskets online...brings the risk of a substandard or damaged product that might not be possible to fix or replace in time for a funeral." This risk is just one some may be willing to take in order to save a few bucks.

The fun doesn't stop here. Star Legacy plans to come out with 200 item on which include pet urns and memorial jewelry.

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