Friday, November 13, 2009

Facebook: powerful alibi machine?

I got a nice kick out of this story about a teenager who used his Facebook status as an alibi in a mugging accusation against him.

Rodney Bradford updated his status around noon last month, just before a mugging occurred a few miles away. Bradford, who had already been accused of robbery in 2008, turned himself in to police, confident that his status update would be the perfect alibi.

A man actually picked Bradford out of a lineup and he was convicted of the robbery. But, Bradford's dad saw his son's Facebook status message and quickly realized it could be used as an alibi.

This is pretty sensational, in my opinion, that Facebook could be used as a an alibi in such a situation. I found it pretty funny that Facebook officials said they were "pleased they were "able to serve as a constructive part of the judicial process."

Bradford is also going to sue the city for damages from being arrested wrongfully and put in Rikes for nearly 2 weeks.

It's interesting to think that just a few years ago this kid may have been convicted of the mugging because there was no Facebook, no Internet, nothing to trace where he was. Oh, how times have changed.

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