Saturday, November 07, 2009

Happy Birthday Sesame Street!

This week I turned 20 years old. I thought that was cool. However, even crazier is twenty years ago this week Sesame Street aired! A classic favorite for children now, and from many decades before them and us, the show has reached the milestone for 40 years on air. It hardly seems real, because before the publicity about this, I thought Sesame Street was a show of my time. I watched Sesame Street, but I can not say it was my favorite. However, President Obama does make a good point about the show in this video. Sesame is an all-American show. It shows good values and morals, and has been a successful part of the media for four decades. I really cannot think of any other show that has been on this long, and still continues to be a success. Sesame Street is more than just a show. I remember seeing Sesame Street on ice. I remember HAVING to have a Tickle Me Elmo, because it was all the rage, even though I was far past the age of playing with a red furry doll that simply laughed when you touched it. Sesame Street draws people in. It is a show parents grew up watch, and it is a show that parents know they want their kids to watch. As President Obama says, it is something that has stayed consistent for a long period of time. Within the media, I feel as that is something that does not happen often. Happy Birthday Sesame Street, you were pretty damn cool when I was a kid, and I guess your pretty damn cool these days too.

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