Monday, November 30, 2009

Lackluster On Star

In the wake of Tiger Woods’ accident there are many speculations as to what happened, why it occurred and what will happen next. People wonder what caused the incident but all I could think of was how unlike his advertisement the entire event was.

A while back Tiger was in an ad which showed how helpful On Star could be in a crisis. He was locked out of his car and was about to take a golf club to the window when he finds that On Star is able to unlock his car without all the mess. Fast forward to now when he is trapped in his car after hitting a tree and hydrant, what is the solution for getting someone out of their car? Having one’s wife smash out the windows with his gold club.

Not to say that the event will promote the strength of the golf club but it does show the commitment of his model wife’s determination and handiness with a driver. And where was the trusty On Star during the debacle? Despite airbags deploying and traveling speeds over 30 mph, the company that is supposed to be there for you was less than helpful in Tiger’s incident. So despite all of the ads Buick uses to promote On Star, I think that I have a lack of faith in the product since they were not so quick with their response in Tiger’s time of need.

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