Friday, November 06, 2009


Another board game to be a movie, "RISK" is comming to the big screen. For those of you who don't know this game it deals with taking over the world. I feel that it is interesting when board games become movies, but I think it is great for kids because it really brings a board game to life.

Such as the movie Jumanji, which I thought was a great movie, and indeed it became such a big hit on the big screen. On it states, "Sony has aquired the rights to the board game "Risk" known as "the classic board game of world conquest." I wonder what board game will be next after this to become a big hit. Maybe the game of Life? Or possibly Monopoly? I actually think a movie pertaining to the board game Candy Land would be pretty great, and I think that it would attract a large audience. Why is it that board games can become such powerful media texts on the big screen? I think the whole idea of Jumanji lets us basically “live” the game through the movie, which I think the movie “RISK” is going to do also. I just wonder what they will come up with next, I think this kind of goes along with the whole GI Joe thing as well as the whole Pokeman faze where they started a tv series actually called, Pokemon. Also Monopoly could even be tied into these series and movies because Monopoly started a whole game thing at McDonald’s allowing for people to participate and win prizes and play the game through the restaurant. What will be next!

Classic Risk

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