Monday, November 02, 2009

Bachelor and Flavor of Love Race Issues

This article comes at a perfect time as we just finish Chapter 6 discussion on social inequality and media reality. This article 'Performing Race and Flavor of Love and The Bachelor' discusses the racial ideas played onto both shows. I have watched both shows, but I will admit I do love trashy TV and have watched not only 'Flavor of Love', but also the VH1 spinoffs 'I Love New York' and 'Real Chance At Love'. There is something about this crazy TV that I cannot take my eyes off of it. I have watched 'The Bachelor', but was not as entertained by it, probably because I do love the crazy fights and rowdy girls of 'Flavor of Love'. However, this leads me to what the article discusses how Flavor of Love places a focus and emphasis on the color of the contestants, where as The Bachelor, although it hardly has a diverse cast that strays from white woman, it still hardly emphasizes race as much as Flavor of Love. I believe, that this emphasis is what makes the show what it is. Flavor Flav even addressed himself as the 'Blak-chelor' once. Clearly, racial ideas are present here. However, what kind of racial ideas are being given off. Anyone who has seen the show, can easily agree that it does not shine light on the poise and class of these African American woman, with much more of exposure on 'the hood' and 'ghetto' lifestyle that these girls defend, stand for, and come from. It shows how The Bachelor, even if you never noticed or let it cross your mind before, does not have any racial diversity, and doesn't comment on the skin color, background or ethnicity of any of the woman. This may seem negative, but in reality there are such few contestants that are not white, that it isn't even an issue that really can be addressed. On the other hand, it seems that, after I read this, 'Flavor of Love' has taken it almost too far, putting so much focus on the fights, the ghetto, and the bad girl background that these girls actually strive to prove they come from and have. If you have ever watched either of these shows, the article is defiantly worth checking out. It shined the light on how racial ideas are spread throughout reality, even when they are not present, for example in shows such as 'The Bachelor'.

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