Friday, October 30, 2009

newspapers, a dying art form

Print newspaper have been the largest consumed form of readily available information since the printing press was invented. Now days, the newspaper medium is taking a back seat to the other information outlets that new technology have made available. With television and the internet, fewer and fewer Americans are running out in the morning to fetch the daily news. Newspapers arent dying in other locations around the globe, it just happens to be in the U.S. Why is that? Is it because the U.S. has many technological outlets and opportunities to view the news in a different medium. It could be. But my theory is that Newspaper sales are declining because they are just plain old boring. Newspapers in Europe and Asia follow a very different out line of what a newspaper should look like. They use racy pictures, and controversial dialect, to draw the audience in. Their articles are concise but not boring, and they don't clutter the front page with type. I think that the newspaper industry can be revived in the U.S. if we give it a face lift. Try something new, step outside the box, design the paper to give the reader and incentive or want to read it.

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