Friday, October 30, 2009

Fritz's Corner

The video I chose to do my textual analysis on is a music video by a band called Local H. The song is called “Fritz’s Corner.” In this video the main focus of discussion would definitely be about the camera shots and angles used in the video. The shots that are mainly used in this video are ECU’s or extreme close-ups. Most of the video is a close-up of the lead singer or the drummer’s face which shows the intensity that the band has while playing their songs. The one shot that stuck out to me the most starts at 2:00 in the video. It is a close up of the lead singer’s mouth, but the shot is through the view of the microphone. This utilizes the concept of Depth of Field. The lead singer’s mouth is in focus and the microphone is out of focus. This makes for shot that I have never seen before. The other type of camera shot that is used frequently in the video is long shots. When these shots are used it makes the venue seem huge, and makes it look like there are more people than there probably is.
The angles used in the video also add a lot to the video. The use of low angles gives the crowd’s view of the band’s performance, while the use of high angles gives the view of the crowd from the bands perspective. The video also uses a lot of low-key lighting. In the shots with ECU’s the light is directly in the band member’s faces, while everything else in the shot is very dark. This draws more attention to the intensity in the band’s faces. The video is very fast-paced in changing camera shots in angles, but if you pay enough attention you can almost find every camera angle and shot that we have discussed in class.

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