Friday, October 02, 2009

Kate Plus 8...

Okay it was interesting, to some people, to watch the "Jon and Kate Plus 8" show when it first aired just to see how a family like that makes it through each day. Since then, the media on Jon and Kate has been crazy. They grace the cover of EVERY gossip magazine, they are featured in news stories all over the place, and they have both appeared on numerous talk shows. When is enough really enough? They have already had five seasons of cameras stalking them and their children, and now TLC just announced that they are continuing the show but changing its name to "Kate Plus 8," which will focus on Kate's life as a single mother after the very public divorce. Jon has since appeared on Larry King to announce his disapproval of the new show, and his fight to get his children away from the cameras. Bravo Jon, bravo. Whether it's for the right reasons or just to attack Kate's continued success with the show, he has finally come to his senses. These poor kids have done enough of living in the spotlight. It's time for the cameras to go away so they can lead a normal life.

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