Friday, October 23, 2009

Porsche Commercial

The Porsche commercial I chose is a narrative. It tells the story of a little boy who sees a Porsche outside his class window and decides he’s going to get one, when he’s older. He stops by the dealer to find out more about his dream car and tells the dealer he will be back to get his own in 20 years. The whole narrative element depicts the Porsche as this luxury dream vehicle that people wish to acquire their entire lives. There was a lot of use of shallow space, with the cameras focusing only on the boy’s face to really convey the emotions he felt at that time. The shot scale went from medium close-ups of the boy to extreme long shots of the car as it passed the school window. There was also an element of continuity, as each scene was presented in a single point in time: from the first sighting of the car while the boy was at school to his arrival at the dealership to check out his dream vehicle. This technique showed how the story was told, in order, from beginning to end, leaving the focus on the boy and the car to give a more dramatic effect. Had the commercial flipped between the boy and something else, it would have been less dramatic.

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