Friday, October 02, 2009

Real Players Don't Tweet

An issue that began on a blog made its way to Milwaukee Brewers GM Doug Melvin’s office. The issue was should the Brewers move potential all-star and injured second basemen Rickie Weeks to centerfield in order to make room for the resigning of newly acquired second basemen Felipe Lopez. Melvin had to assure weeks that despite the online chatter no move was in the offing. The Weeks controversy was stirred up by bloggers, but more recently twittering has been an issue.

3 recent controversial tweets:

• Star receiver Larry Fitzgerald’s brother tweeted about aging St. Louis quarterback Kurt Warner “throw my brother the ball old man!” during a game. Fitzgerald and his sportswriter dad apologized to Warner.

• Jets wide receiver David Clowney tweeted that he was “A bit disappointed about my playing time” and summarily received less for the tweet.

• A Texas Tech player groused on Twitter that the teams head coach was late for a meeting and was benched.

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