Friday, October 02, 2009

What in the world is a TV Widget?

I don't know how I feel about TV and where it is going. Is it going down the same path as print media? Is it quickly turning into Internet TV?

I read articles about TV Widgets. I am still unsure of what they are or do, or the purpose of them, but it seems pretty interesting. I found an article from the European Journalism Centre in regards to the phenomenon. You know how phones have applications? Well, that will transfer over to TV screens. By a click of a button you can go on your favorite websites. The article said that the Widget may be in respond to the competition broadcast TV is feeling over Internet viewership.

I found a video on YouTube about how the Widget works and the purpose of it. I personally think it is way to much. Can't TV just be about TV programs, and leave the applicatons off of them? The Widget even allows you to update your social media sites or at least access them. I think that we are forced to stay connected all the time. We lose or will lose our interpersonal skills and will become a society that has conversations only through Facebook or text messaging.

I am also curious if this would even be a successful tool. Would our society really need all of this if they already have applications on their phones and on the Internet? I know I would not.

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