Friday, October 09, 2009


Ok, so I'm sure by now everyone has heard about or visited You know, the site that basically lets people submit funny, random things that happened in their life and people can vote "I agree, your life sucks," or "you deserved it." By now, this fad is pretty outdated.

Then came along TFLN, or texts from last night. (Yes, there are some offshoots with the same premise, but this seems to be the main one.) This site allows you to submit any funny texts you got from your friends from the night before that you just can't not tell the world about.

Now has come the latest version in this world of mocking It's pretty much the same idea as the two previous, just with twitter. To me, this latest version has the ability to be the best of the best.

FML started getting to the point where it seemed most were made up and a lot of the same stories started popping up in slightly different format.

TFLN is still funny because you never know just what clever retardness is going to come out of a drunk person with a phone.

Twaxed is kind of the best of both worlds to me. Where FML was all submitted by the person who was trying to be embarrassed, and TFLN was submitted by the persons friend who was mocking them, Twaxed takes the people who use twitter a little too much for their own good and puts it out there for anyone to see.

I'm not a twitter expert by any means, but I think all you need is to follow these people to see the silliness they deem worthy for all to see. So maybe some good will come out of the latest social-network craze afterall...

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