Friday, October 16, 2009

Up Up and Away

Yesterday, one of my classmates was talking about a giant helium balloon (it wont allow me to hyperlink just google the story, you'll get a ton) that broke loose with a 6-year-old boy riding shot gun. Don't fret, he was found alive. Not in a tree, or on top of a mountain. No, this story ends with the boy alive and safe in his OWN attic.

Not sure if you heard about this story, but it was covered quickly, locally and nationally. An amateur inventor from Colorado created a giant balloon to look like an UFO. The balloon broke loose and the Heene family believed that there son went along for the ride. Think back 100 years ago. Inventors working hard to gain recognition for their work and efforts and in today's society, with out 24 hour news, an amateur inventor from Colorado makes national headlines. I have TMJ 4 in the background this morning and the Heene family had an interview with CNN! The news is questioning the "missing boy" claim. Was it done to make headlines? Wouldn't you think that the officials would have searched the entire house before making it national headlines? For three hours they searched for him and even are National Guard was involved. Although, the news is 24 hours now, and most journalists get there stories from networking sites. If one journalist or news organization picked up the story then most likely everyone else did.

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