Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Bright Eyes: At the bottom of everything

This video tells a story. It starts out as a narrative when the lead singer is actually telling a story of a lady on an airplane that is going to crash. The narrating describes what is happening in the video and then it blends into the song. There is causality in the video, for example the two main characters were seated next to each other on the plane, the pilot announces the crash, the lady then talks to the old man next to her, the old man comforts her, and then all of the people start to adapt to the fact that they are going to die on the plane with the people around them. The video uses close ups to emphasis different story lines within the plot. The camera cuts from inside the plane to outside, which is very cartoonlike, and emphasis’s the story like feel of the video. The images in the video emphasis the lyrics of the song, they further promote the story. In this video, we follow the lady and the rest of the plane’s passengers from the beginning of the flight, the announcement of the crashing, the realization of death, their reactions and finally the end crash. I think this video is a bit unconventional, but it tells a story whose meaning can be interpreted in many ways, but overall it gives an optimistic outlook on death and having faith in people.


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