Friday, October 16, 2009

The Golden Age of Video

After class on Wednesday, I went looking for that famous "rosebud" shot that professor was talking about. I've never seen Citizen Kane, but I know it's pretty famous and I was just trying to see a clip of it and maybe get a tiny grasp on what it was all about.

In my search for that I stumbled across this video...which is awesome. It takes bits and pieces of some of the more recognizable quotes from movies + television from the past I don't even know how many years and puts it onto of a techno-ish song by a Swedish guy.

Just watching it is such an overload of flashbacks to the clips that I actually was able to place. Although I don't know where all of these scene's are from (the very first one is big mystery to me...Munsters?), it's just amazing that someone was able to find enough clips that rhyme with each other and edit their sound to flow with the music and make it sound like a legit song is pretty impressive to me. Plus I just really like the two 30 Rock quotes.

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michael said...

Here's your Rosebud clip, and thanks for sharing the Golden Age video.