Tuesday, October 06, 2009

Get my reference?

What happens as countless media texts are produced over time? Well for one, the creators start to acknowledge the existence of other texts in their own productions, and references abound. They can be anything from playful parodies to tasteful homages or subtle nods. Sometimes the audience doesn’t know about the original source, and the joke is lost. I just wonder how big the pop culture canon can get. I already know it's infinite as long as mankind exists. Maybe there is no breaking point, but maybe this accumulation will start to have an undeniable effect on our television, movies, music, etc...

The success of media itself is the source of such a trend. As communication increases the knowledge and enlightenment of our society, people become more self-aware. They think of their experiences in relation to similar situations that they are already familiar with. Ever hear a friend say, “this is just like that one episode of...!” If you said yes you already know what I’m talking about.

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