Friday, October 02, 2009


My roomate and I were watching T.V. last night, and we saw a commercial for Starbucks about the new promotion they're doing for their instant "VIA" coffee. This weekend (October 2 - October 5) they're doing a taste test challenge, and you get a free tall coffee. (Even if you can't tell the difference)
After the commercial was over, my roomate said, "I think that's a bad idea, why would they want to show that their brewed coffee is as good as instant coffee? It makes the brand seem not as good." I don't necessarily agree with this. I think that by adding instant coffee to their list of products, they broaden their market. There are so many "on the go" people that A.) Drink instant coffee and B.) Don't want to sit and wait for the coffee to brew. This new product tailors to their needs. Also, there are many people that drink instant coffee simply because it's easier. (It seems weird to me, but apparently there ARE people who don't know how to brew coffee - like my roomate's father.) Now, Starbucks will be able to delve into this group of people and give them quality coffee at a premium price, instantly!

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