Friday, October 02, 2009

Jessica Simpson

It seems that all over the media is about how Jessica Simpson lost her dog.  This is so sad, I can't believe it got eaten by a coyote.  It amazes me how much recognition she is getting for her lost pooch.  This summer when I was out in LA the people I babysat for lost their dog as well to a coyote.  I found this pretty crazy that coyotes just come down from the hills and literally demolish peoples pets.  I think that the state of California should do something about these coyotes or have a way for people to know that their pets will be safe.  Will Simpson be able to move on from this horrible tragedy?  It seems she is taking it very hard as did the kids who I babysat for but there has got to be a way to prevent coyotes from taking these poor little animals.Jessica Simpson's Dog Daisy Snatched by CoyoteI guess pets should be left inside if you live in LA, seems that is the only way to make sure your pets are safe!

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