Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Party in the...

So apparently this Miley Cyrus girl is pretty popular. She's got a music label, TV show, even two names. And now she's got people spoofing her music videos. If you haven't seen the video called "Party in the FIP" yet, here ya go. It's pretty entertaining.

This video has only been on the net for just over two months and already has over 2.2 million views. Not bad.

All that said, this next video is what gets me.

I'm not saying it's good, bad, or whatever, but this second video "Party in the MLC" has only been on YouTube for three weeks and has over 80,000 views. That's a spoof of a spoof getting pretty close to going viral in a short amount of time.

Sad to say this video will be taken down by its creators in a few days because of some controversy it has sparked but I just think it's pretty interesting to see how videos like this (i.e. anything redoing the All the Single Ladies videos we watched in class) can draw so much viewership. And it just kind of makes me wonder...what makes a video go viral?

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