Thursday, October 01, 2009

Google's method of online advertising sales.

After reading a recent adbusters article in which they discussed and examined the highly trafficked web browser Google's "Revolutionary Method Of Selling Online Advertising". I became increasingly aware of the type of advertisements being shown on my results page after i did some google searches. In the article I found out that googles method of selling advertisements is so successful because of a program called AdWords. AdWords is a tool that analyzes every search made by Google users. As soon as a search is made AdWords determines which advertiser gets to sponsor the link on the results page, and the advertisements shown are related to the topic that was just typed into the search. This form of advertising is becoming one of the most successful ideas in history, and has advertisers paying major dollars for getting inside our computers, interests, and to know what we are thinking. Is this wrong? Should information searches be free from advertisements, or is this ok? In my oppinion I think that they might be over doing it by following our own personal searches, it is like they are reading our mind, where do you draw the line for our own privacy? On the other hand advertising helps to make a profit, stimulate the economy, and this new way of catering to the audience could help consumers cut down their shopping time. I dont know but in my personal oppinion this could be the next step to an innovative advertising style that is rather ingenious, but it is also a creepy invasion of privacy.

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