Tuesday, October 06, 2009

VMA is it staged?

It has now come out that Beyonce knew that Kanye might go up on stage. I signed into Yahoo and this was one of the main stories.Of all the things happen in the world today, Yahoo feels that Beyonce should take the center stage. I always thought that the VMA's were live for the most part. No one really knew what would happen. Of course I knew somethings were scripted. Now I wonder if the entire show is scripted and outbreaks like West jumping on stage are planned. What's next? Are the big company producers going to start scripting shows like the Real World and other types of reality tv. But wait these shows are in a way scripted. Maybe the fight between two cast members really happened but not over the last beer. Producers and editors take all the months of taping and cut it down and splice two events into one to make people watch the entire season of the show. I think that this is ridiculous but as long as people watch these shows they will continue to made. I don’t think that this kind of editing will ever stop because people like the “unexpected” and the conflict. What’s going to be next? Are our entire lives going to become one long predictable script to be viewed by America?

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