Friday, October 16, 2009

Balloon Boy

As I was surfing Twitter yesterday everyone's status were related to the balloon boy. I had no idea what this was and as I began to read about it, this is what I found. A family in Colorado enjoys chasing storms and doing crazy science experiments. This time the experiment was a flying balloon, kind of resembled a hot air balloon.
Falcon Heene, 6, said he hid in the family attic after his father yelled at him.
The crazy part about this whole thing is they couldn't find their son when deciding to launch the balloon, so this whole thing turned into a huge news production looking for this couple's son. Their only thought was that he had to be in the balloon, which seemed a bit crazy, but I guess they couldn't find him anywhere else. Eventually everything was ok when the couple realized that their son had been in a box in the attic and didn't come down when they called his name because he didn't respond because according to CNN he said, "you guys said we did this for the show." So meanwhile he had everyone worried sick about him and he was upstairs playing with toys. I just thought this whole story was so interesting and really caught my eye because it's not something we hear about everyday. I mean everyone's Twitter was like "hopefully he's alive" or "where is balloon boy" and the whole time he was at home. Here is a link to a video about balloon boy

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