Monday, October 19, 2009

De Beer's Diamond Commercial

A 2006 Christmas advertisement for De Beers diamonds, tells a story of a couples love for one another. It begins with them both sleeping and has the husband wake up, carefully not waking his wife. He then sneakily goes down stairs, trying his best to be quiet while he takes his present out of its hiding spot. He then makes his way back to bed and sets the necklace on her neck, to surprise her.

The main element that makes this commercial so complete is the music playing throughout. Despite the fact the two actors do not even say a word, the story is still told through the song. The lines in the song “how can I tell you, that I love you” and “but I can’t find the right words to say” accentuates the fact that the husband is trying to do something to show his wife he loves her, not with words, but with an action; this strengthens the reasoning that they do not speak, but rather just act.

The production of the commercial sets the mood. The lighting is soft with a semi-grey overall tone, helping the audience to know it must be an early winter morning. The camera is mostly close to the people except when the husband is down stairs; they show more of the room, probably to show the Christmas tree to help set the scene and time. It produces a lot of meaning with love, Christmas, and what you can do for a loved one.

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