Friday, October 16, 2009

2 Blows to the Right

Two blows for conservatism in one newspaper. The Journal Sentinel reported on Friday the dismissal of conservative radio talk host Rush Limbaugh from a group of potential owners of the National Football League team the St. Louis Rams, and the dropping of a federal lawsuit brought by a member of a birthers group in Georgia that seeks to have President Barack Obama removed as president on the grounds that he is not American born.

The judge called the birther lawsuit frivolous and an attempt to convey political diatribes into a federal courtroom. Limbaugh was taken away from the Rams owning parting because of his history of making divisive comments. He, of course went on to lambast his detractors on his radio show which ran the gamut from Al Sharpton to NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell. Somewhere in the middle ground of the people who oppose Rush Limbaugh’s divisive rhetoric and the madness of groups like the birther movement lies the people who are sick and tired of the path conservatives have been taking.

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Ryan Thomas said...

This is hilarious to me Eric. I must admit. I am thrilled that they denied that asshole. Rush Limbaugh is a racist. Around 73% of the NFL players are African-Americans, with that being said, why in the hell would Limbaugh think the players and league as a whole would accept him. I read an article on ESPN where Al Sharpton made an interesting comment. He said even the rich and powerful do not want to be associated with racism, referring to the opinions of the predominantly white team owners.