Sunday, October 25, 2009

I am NOT getting a flu shot

My mother, a RN, never wants me to get shots or vaccines. She's in the medical field, and she straight up admits she doesn't always trust it. Tetnis shot? Never. HPV? Don't even consider it. Flu Shot? Maybe. Actually, after this video I can safely say that my mother will not decide this one for me. I will NOT get the flu shot. This beautiful and young perspective cheerleader for the Redskins had a flu shot her life at age 25 turned upside down. She developed a side effect in which she has muscle contractions and spasms, making it extremely difficult for her to walk. However, she can walk backwards, run and talk normal (she cannot when she is walking or sitting) just fine. I know this is a one in a million chance. I know this will probably never happen to me, anyone I know, or anybody else. This is probably just one of the few side effects to millions of shots and medicines out there. However, I feel as if I can be strong enough and healthy enough to make it through the flu than to risk something like this or another horrible vaccine side effecting resulting in a total difficult life change. I couldn't imagine my life being turned upside down like hers was, especially when she didn't NEED the flu shot. My mother and I both agree that these sorts of vaccines and new medications are exposed and enforced on society to seem necessary and vital to stay healthy. My mother has always had doubts of the side effects and if not taking the vaccine was detrimental, then she felt we could go without. I always thought she was a bit paranoid, but after watching this, I don't doubt her. Sure, some cases of the flu are tragic. Sure, I could very likely get the flu. I know, the chance of something happening like this to me is really rare and minimal. However, I can't take that sort of chance. Her story is a rare one, but effected my thoughts on the side effects of all medication forever.

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