Wednesday, October 07, 2009

Movie to Reality

How often are we inspired by movies? If the 80’s were any indication were would all now be conforming to the latest fashion craze, leggings, big hair and tunic length shirts...wait, we already are. But despite the revival of style and the fashion industries over-the-top ideas we still look to media to provide a sense of what could be.

For instance, Clueless, a movie all about fashion and status featured Cher, a girl who cared about being coordinated from head to toe. With her revolving closet that could allow her to see possible combinations of outfits and her use of Polaroids to see what lighting would do to specific outfits, organization was on the top of her to-do list.

Fast forward to now, and Gap has made what Cher had, a reality.

Gap has made a new application for Apple called: Style Mixer. The concept replicates the setup once only possible for someone with the resources to construct. You take pictures of your clothing, then just mix and match. For those of us that can stare at a closet full of clothes and yet think, “I have nothing to wear” this app is perfect. With a flick of a finger you can create an outfit, and also borrow and share outfits with friends through Facebook. Now, if only technology would catch up to Back to the Future II’s hover board.

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