Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Respect his conglomerate

Alright. I know I have mentioned Jay-Z in a previous blog regarding his performance at this years MTV Video Music Awards. When he was rudely interrrupt by that nobody who calls herself Lil'Mama. However, I must say I have always been a fan of his work. In fact, he is my favorite hip-hop artist of all time! Let me say that again, "OF ALL TIME!" (No I'm not Kanye referring to Beyonce's single ladies video) Jay-Z's latest album the Blueprint 3, in my opinion, is another one of his classic masterpieces. Although, it will be difficult to top his other 10 number 1 albums on the Billboard top 200. He's like The Beatles. Lets face it the guy has talent and most importantly he's a business man.

He doesn't even write his lyrics down on paper. His impromptu approach to reciting his rhymes is truely remarkable. I have been listening to his latest album for about a month straight now. I haven't even taken it out of my car to rip it on to my itunes yet. Thats how much I like this cd. He is so lyrical, its amazing. I always catch my self saying, "How did he think of that?" Perhaps, my favorite lryic or quote of his is on track number 14. It is titled, "So Ambitious" and it is produced by Pharrell. In the third verse he says, "it's all good cause the streets is A&R'ing this/ so with or without any of your involvement/coming for all of this, respect my conglomerate." In this selection, I believe he expresses his succuess while displaying his craft.

Not only is he the best rapper in the hip-hop game. He also is one of most successful entrepreneurs to date. He has countless business ventures from his part ownership of the NBA team New Jersey Nets. His urban clothing line Rocawear. A chain of sports bars called the 40/40 club and he is the co-brand director for Budweiser Select. There are many more business ventures he is involved in which have made him worth an estimated $150 million.

That is why you must respect his conglomerate because he has business ventures in many different areas. He might not be on the level as Walt Disney or News Corporation but in do time I think he will get there. I also embedded his latest commercial promoting his new album the Blueprint 3. The commercial is a renactment of all 10 of his album covers. Coincidently, I could probably use this commercial for Mondays assignment because this commercial tells a story in a unique way but I won't. Oh yeah, one more thing he is married to finest woman on this planet. BEYONCE!

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Tanisha Shabazz said...

I am also a huge Jay-Z fan!