Friday, October 23, 2009

Lemon Jelly

The song in the video is Lemon Jelly-Nice Weather for Ducks. This video is put together in a way so that when something changes in the music, something also changes in the animation. The different perspectives you are given (camera angles) allow you to understand a lot more of what is happening in the video. This video could mean many things but I have yet to set my mind on one. It could symbolize the eruption of new plant life when seasons change or how everything looks a lot more alive after a nice long rain storm. It could just be an old guy on a trip or having a dream where he connects with the animals or it could just be the artist way of targeting more of your emotions while listening to his song. When listening to music you are always waiting for that one part that just hits your ear the right way. That one part is usually what makes the song a good one, it builds you up and builds you up until finally they give in and let you hear it. This song uses that similar strategy (almost like a show continues to build on a series) of building up to moments where there is a change in an instrument, the rhythm or style the song uses. The different images that at thrown at us during these changes could be an attempt at effecting our emotions. Different flashes of color, different designs and patterns the animals make and then in the end all of them dancing together, all of these things affect people differently. This video could be both narrative and non-narrative, it really depends on how you view the video and listen to the music.

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