Thursday, October 29, 2009

McDonald's in Iceland

I found this article on, that is titled, “Big Macs off menu as Iceland’s economic crisis bites.” I found this interesting because it seems that no matter where we go the economy is suffering in some way. Iceland has three McDonald’s locations and is getting rid of all three of them. I think it would be hard to imagine not having a McDonald’s, because literally they are off of almost every highway exit, they’re around the corner from campuses and their simply just everywhere. I wonder what kind of fast food they’re going to eat in Iceland if it isn’t McDonald’s.

I found throughout reading that article the prices of a Big Mac in various countries. A Big Mac in Iceland costs $5.29 compared to in the United States it is $3.54 for a Big Mac. I can’t believe how much a Big Mac costs in Iceland, it makes sense to me why they have to shut them down, seems very expensive for McDonald’s. I guess even thinking about $3.54 for a Big Mac sounds expensive, after all it’s fast food, not gourmet eating. Good thing they came up with the dollar menu, or maybe McDonald’s in the states would be closing but surely also. Doubtful!

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