Saturday, October 10, 2009

'it was on facebook'

It's creepy, but when I or my friends find out something, share it with each other, and then ask the source, I am never surprised to hear the answer 'I found it on facebook'. Facebook, the infamous networking website has status updates so users can allow their friends to see what they are doing every minuite of everyday, if they would like. There are groups for causes, forces, support, and even 'We all have the same last name groups'. People plan events, and use Facebook as the main way to let people know about it. Employeers use facebook to get an idea of co-workers and future employees. I'll admit it. I love facebook. I feel connected. I actually can't imagine life without it. That is sick. However, I love it and am not ashamed of being an avid user. It seems as if I'm not the only one constantly logging onto this website immediatley when I open a laptop, either. I was shocked to come to my AOL homepage (before heading to Facebook, of course) and see the headline for this article. A family has learned of a members death from Facebook, before a call from the police or any other sort legit contact. After reading the article, I cannot even put myself in the shoes of this family. Facebook actually reporting news to a family? And such serious and tragic news at that? It is almost sick how updated and information filled Facebook really is. As the article states, it isn't illegal, and there is nothing that can be done. What has happened, happened. However, the last way I would ever wish for anyone to find out of a death would be on Facebook, and that is what this family had to go through.

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