Thursday, October 08, 2009

Imogen's new release years too late

Imogen Heap just released a new album in the end of September, Ellipse. This is her first release since her biggest album, Speak for Yourself in 2005. Imogen is unique in her own ways; she is a solo artist who produces and mixes her own music. When I say mix, I mean she makes her music by herself. This is hard to explain, so let me paint you a picture. I saw Imogen in concert 2 years ago and I got to see how she does it. First she will start with a clapping rhythm and record it. Then she will begin to play a piano rhythm and record it and finally she might record a humming sound with her voice. She will then put all those recording together and make her song, sing her lyrics. It is extremely impressive to see and listen to. Her music can best be described as pop incorporating elements of dance, electronica and rock. She also is well known for her work as Frou Frou. Frou Frou has never received the credit that Heap has, but it's another way of her expressing her music perhaps in a different form.

Her biggest album, Speak for Yourself finally began to get recognition in 2007, featuring in shows like The OC, and The Hills. I have even heard it in the background of some big movies. Her music is unique enough that it seems to make an impression on the audience. Whether the impression be the emotion acquired while watching the certain TV show, or just the feeling a person gets hearing her music while cleaning the house.

Finally after 4 long years of waiting, she has come out with her new album, Ellipse. As excited as I was, I was less pleased. It reminds of music I enjoyed 5 years ago and while her CD, Speak for Yourself, was suiting in teen dramas like the OC given the time period a new spin on this CD would have been nice. She is also receiving bad reviews for her new CD. However, I will continue to give the CD a chance, but most of the songs sound very similar and similar to her last CD. If you want to try to listen to this CD, i would recommend the song First Train Home.

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