Thursday, October 15, 2009

For this assignment I chose a Chanel commercial. Although I do not know the date when this particular advertisement aired, but I can tell it is a few years old. The form of this advertisement is mostly non narrative. Although it does show an unidentified man associated with the glamorous girl wearing the Chanel red lipstick (the product being displayed and focused on) the story line is weak. She basically apply the lipstick, the man shows up, she notices him in her mirror while STILL applying the lipstick (the main focus) and finally at the end he comes up to her and she kisses his hand and gazes up at him. The storyline, although not strong and extremely present, could be that the Chanel red lipstick on her attracted this mysterious man. The commercial is mostly filled with extreme closeup of the beauty's lips covered in rich Chanel lipstick. The advertisement shows no extreme long shots, or long shots, all scenes are medium shots (waist up) or closer. It begins with a close up of the woman digging in her Chanel quilted evening had bag, extreme close up of her Chanel lipstick, followed by a close up of her face and then there are numerous extreme closeups of her bright red lips and her applying the red lipstick. In these extreme close ups the lips are what pops out, besides sometimes the piercing blue eyes of the woman. There is not much to be distracted by. The camera uses many angles, catching her lips at many different views. In one of the few shots that isn't a close up or an extreme close up the camera is tilted down, as she stares up at mystery man.

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