Friday, October 23, 2009

Poca Face

The episode, “Poca Face” in the season of Real Chance of Love 2 uses many forms of editing and cinematographic techniques to assist in telling the story. The majority of the episode is held in high-key lighting. The depth staging often moves from shallow space to deep space depending on the intensity of emotions in being captured in the scene. The shot scale typically varied between long shot and medium shot with a very minimal amount of medium close-ups and close-ups. The close-ups in the episode were used to show a reaction from one character to another. Spatio-temporal discontinuity is used as an editing technique in this episode in order to prove a point (i.e. catching one of the contestants in a lie.) This is done to drive the emotions of the audience or reader.  Along with this, most of the shots are done straight on or slightly higher than the characters on the show. This allows for quick and easy understanding of the level of intensity during the shot. Also, from time to time, one-on-one interviews are conducted for commentary. This may be seen as staging so the viewer is persuaded to feel differently about a character being spoken about. Finally, the sounds used in this episode, like most of the Real Chance of Love episodes, are very animated. This is done so the audience takes notice of the humor behind the actions in the scene. Abrupt door slamming or heels clicking on the ground are just a couple of sounds that are over exaggerated.

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