Friday, October 30, 2009

Obama featured in 3 new documentaries

President Barack Obama is featured in 3 new documentaries about his life, politics, and family.

All 3 have different sides of the Obama story. The first is directed by Edward Norton (star of Fight Club) and deals with Obama's historic rise to the top of the political world. The doc was actually started before Obama announced he was running for president. Obama was actually advised by his people to continue shooting the film once he announced his presidential candidacy, but Barack thought it would offer the public an "interesting slant" on American politics. It will air on November 3rd on HBO.

The second documentary is titled Labor Day, a movie about how the Service Employees International Union (SEIU) quickly mobilized to ensure a Democratic victor in the 2008 election. Directed by Glenn Silber, the documentary is more about the events leading up to the election. The movie goes into theaters today.

The final documentary, Becoming Barack, will be released on DVD November 3rd. It tells the life story of how Barack Obama, from his younger years all the way to the present. The documentary attempts to give viewers a sense of what Obama is like outside of the White House, from his early days as a community activist to his time spent teaching constitutional law at the University of Chicago.

All 3 films should give a really interesting perspective on the real Barack Obama. You may not agree with everything that's happened so far while he's been in the White House, but the journey he's taken to become President of the United Sates is certainly fascinating.

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