Thursday, October 15, 2009

Free E-Shots?

Red Bull is doing an awesome new promotion! They’re advertising the new Red Bull E-Shots in a really clever way, through Facebook. It’s called “Red Bull Stash.” Members of the Red Bull Wiiings team drive around to college campuses and hide cases (a case has 12 e-shots) with stickers on them, one under the case, the “too late” code, and then one stuck to the top of the case that has a different code. The wiiings team enters the codes onto a website with a riddle/clue to give hints as to where the energy shots are hidden. If you are friends with Red Bull on Facebook, you will see the hints (or you can go to and find them there, too.) Once you find the spot where the case is hidden, you take whichever code is there (either the one with the Red Bull or the “too late” code) and enter it in to the website. You will then be entered for a chance to win the grand stash at the end of the month…keep your eyes peeled!

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